ChainDD Exclusive | Comprehensive Review of the Blockchain Projects of the A-share Listed Companies on the First Recordation List


Apr 23, 2019

摘要: Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) published the “Domestic Blockchain Information Service Providers Recordation List”, involving 27 A-share listed companies. The Chain DD App has sorted out and updated these A-share listed companies blockchain business development using this official list, for readers' reference.

April 1 and 2 were the first two trading days in April.

Under the impact of the “Domestic Blockchain Information Service Providers Recordation List” released by the CAC last Saturday (March 30), A-share blockchain concept stocks went into turbo mode and the prices of several shares were pushed to their daily upper price limits at market opening. The blockchain index swayed continuously at a high level, demonstrating vividly what it meant “for investors to stay passionate and the market to remain bullish”.

The first blockchain information service providers recordation list released by the CAC is indeed a “rejuvenation elixir”. Small individual investors have stayed true to their “fascination with concept stocks” and the last two trading days saw significantly higher trading volumes, which were 20.45 billion CNY and 65.91 billion CNY on April 1 and 2 respectively, staging a truly spectacular show of hiking prices and volumes.

In the first blockchain information service providers recordation list are 27 A-share listed companies including E-Visible Co., Ltd., Anne Co., Ltd., Ping An Insurance, Xinhuanet and so on. The “centralized administration” by the CAC has revealed many listed companies of highly weighted stocks.

However, investors need to be reminded that the current recordation list is not an indication that the blockchain business of the companies covered in the list have earned proper recognition or made significant progress, but the registration of main blockchain information service providers. It not the recognition of their organizations, products or services and does not involve industry supervision.

After studying the list, ChainDD has discovered that prudent A-share listed companies primarily focus their business on “alliance blockchain” and their technological applications are mainly in the areas such as traceable philanthropy, trade, and finance, supply chain finance, authentication, copyright confirmation, etc. Furthermore, companies such as BGI are trying to record genome data using blockchain. BTH Hotels is promoting its royalty program of “blockchain+points”...

It is evident that the large-scale participation of industry power players has made the prospect of the blockchain technology clearer. At the same time, some securities trading researcher has pointed out that 2019 marks the beginning of extensive application of the blockchain technology due to the regulation of the blockchain technology.

Using the official list, the ChainDD App has sorted and updated the blockchain business development of these 27A-share listed companies for readers' reference.





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