[Exclusive] BOINC Announces Its Whitepaper After Facebook


Jun 22, 2019

摘要: ChainDD reports on June 18 that following the largest social network Facebook's plan to release the White Paper on its own stablecoin, BOINC, the world's largest computing platform.

ChainDD reports on June 18 that following the largest social network Facebook's plan to release the White Paper on its own stablecoin, BOINC, the world's largest computing platform using volunteered resources announced its plan to launch the“ Computing Planet Initiative-- a commercial project integrating the blockchain technology. The White Paper for the project is to be published at the end of June. Besides publishing their respective white papers on blockchain almost simultaneously, the two global network platform giants share something else. The computing of the “Breakthrough Starshot (searching for extraterrestrial intelligence)”project, in which  Zuckerberg invested a huge amount of money, is partially provided by BOINC.

ChainDD has been informed exclusively that BOINC's commercial blockchain project “Computing Planet Initiative”will continue its mission of expanding volunteer computing power. The team leader of BOINC's commercial application team revealed to ChainDD that, “Commercial applications of distributed computing have been around for years. The reason that BOINC plans to develop the commercial version is that major breakthroughs on large-scale scientific computing are hard to come by with the current architectural technologies.”

The said team leader further revealed that in order to determine the direction of the final application architecture, BOINC will attempt to join effort with Berkeley's RISE Lab in the development the Ray version of BOINC (Note by ChainDD: Ray is the cutting-edge distributed computing framework by UC Berkeley's RISE Lab), and cooperate with Alibaba's cloud computing team in the development of the Mars version of BOINC and the Beta version of the Dask version of BOINC. The final testing results will be disclosed in the White Paper when it is released.

Additional information reveals that the team members of BOINC's commercial technical team are highly experienced. BOINC's commercial R&D department in China and Alibaba's cloud computing project Mars are in cooperation and providing mutual technical assistance.

Faced with ChainDD's question “whether its commercial version will affect BOINC's existing community users”, the said team leader explained that, “We only have a Beta version right now. The commercialization of distributed computing is very difficult in itself and we believe the difficulty can be overcome. Furthermore, labs at Berkeley University who owns the intellectual property rights of BOINC, have achieved great commercial success in many open source projects such as Spark developed by the RICE Lab. The commercial version of BOINC will continue to serve scientific and technological projects and may even support many potential Nobel Prize winning projects. The transition from open source to commercialization demands R&D efforts. We will further strengthen our contribution to and communication with the community. We are confident that our community members will understand.”

Regarding this , the team at Anbince, BOINC's exclusive partner in Asia believe that BOINC's commercialization and reform attempt will help the existing volunteer computing reach a higher level.

This is a truly meaningful venture,” said the team leader at Anbince to ChainDD. “We will stay true to BOINC's original vision of volunteer computing and recruit more volunteers. If the test is successful, its AI computing solution will help BOINC's computing planet become a computing power with unlimited computing resources. At the same time, its world-leading engines and architecture can be truly commercialized.  





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