Bitcoin Futures Fell Below $8,400 and Hitting the Lowest Point Within Three Months


Sep 25, 2019

摘要: Bitcoin Futures tumbled at $1,400 and fell below $8,400 in one day, hitting the lowest point of more than three months

On Tuesday, 24th, U.S. time, bitcoin futures main contract of CME Group (CME) in the United States, the world's largest futures exchange, fell for the second consecutive day, falling more than 1,400 U.S. dollars in one day and closing below 8400 US dollars, which hit the lowest point since June 13 this year. Last week, it fell for the second consecutive week, and the decline was narrower than the previous week.

September contract of CME bitcoin futures BTC, which has the highest trading volume, closed down 14.5% at $8,380 on Tuesday and closed down 0.34% at $9805 on Monday. It dropped 0.8% and 1.86% last week and the week before last week respectively. BTC's October and November contracts both fell below $8,500 on Tuesday and the December contract fell below $8,600. All term contracts fell between $1,425 and $1,575 on Tuesday.

According to the market information showed on ChainDD APP, the bitcoin spot price of most cryptocurrency exchanges such as Huobi fell below 8,000 US dollars in the intraday trading, and also hit the lowest point of more than three months. Currently, it is lower than 8700 US dollars and has fallen more than 10% in the past 24 hours.



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