Guofei Jiang, the “Most Burnt”: Ant Blockchain is Strong Enough and Must be Strong Enough


Oct 06, 2019

摘要: Guofei Jiang hopes to tell the outside world that Ant Blockchain is able to see the direction of the future and enter the era of market-scale value Internet step by step. As he described at the entrance of the office, "When you are born like a summer flower, you should have thousands of styles in one day."

Three years ago, Ant Blockchain under Ant Financial was formally established. At that time, Guofei Jiang, the director of the Financial Technology Laboratory of the Dharma Institute, began to lead the team to study the blockchain technology. In the past three years, the team has been invested a lot of money. Guofei Jiang joked that he is the "most burnt " person of Ant Financial.

When it comes to the question asking by the ChainDD reporter, Guofei Jiang directly said that the money of Ant Financial is totally used in talent. Over the years, Ant Blockchain has recruited a large number of scientists and capable engineers, many of whom are doctoral supervisors. At present, Ant Blockchain has a core technical team with more than 100 people, of which more than 80% are engaged in technology research and development and international background.

Guofei Jiang said: "I am not afraid to burn money because I always burn money in the right field." As a self-developed financial-grade blockchain engine, Ant Blockchain is technically capable of supporting 1 billion accounts, 1 billion daily transaction volume as well as 100,000 cross-chain information processing capabilities per second (PPS).

At the blockchain forum of 2018 Hangzhou Apsara Conference, Ant Blockchain announced a series of ecosystem strategies, including:

1、The cross-chain cooperation with Hyperledger;
2、The release of cross-chain products ODATS;
3、The release of "Hot Chain for all the people" plan for the global developers and institutional customers.

Ant Blockchain will cooperate with more and more people. In addition, they will launch an online DApp release platform on December 12th. According to Jiang Guofei's prediction, a batch of blockchain applications with 10-thousand daily active users will come in a year.



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