BOINC Planet Had Completed Core Team Upgrade, The "Breakthrough Space" Program Has Been Officially Launched


Oct 09, 2019

摘要: BOINC Plane, the world's largest computing resource voluntariness platform, has today completed a comprehensive upgrade of its core team and officially launched the "Breakthrough in Space" program.

"Breakthrough Space" program was born out of BOINC Planet's business service system. Like the “Breakthrough Life” project, “Breakthrough in Space” is a scenario business company extended from BOINC's computing service system. It aims at exploring rare mineral reserves on NEOs and planets by using relevant technologies such as commercial spacecraft, satellites, remote sensing mapping and deep space exploration, and formulating possible ownership delimitation and future deep space mining plans. BOINC platform is used to provide the main force support in the process of sending back, storing, managing, analyzing and calculating the space mineral exploration data.

BOINC Planet has recently quietly upgraded its core team. Among the most noteworthy changes, Wang Zhan, former vice president of Baidu, served as general adviser of BOINC Planet strategy, responsible for overall direction control and guidance, as well as resource scheduling. Wang Zhan graduated from Peking University in 1999 and served in Baidu from 2000 to 2016. As the head of strategic coordination and execution at the company level, he is responsible for promoting cross-system business coordination, strategic execution supervision and foreign strategic cooperation.

BOINC Planet CEO is Yan Yan, who has been in the Internet industry for 13 years. Yan Yan joined Baidu Commercial Products Department in 2006 and was general manager of Baidu Game Department in 2011. In 2015, he served as vice president of Baidu Tieba, responsible for the technical work of all products.

The upgrade of the core team directly opens up new ideas for BOINC Planet in cloud computing, computing infrastructure, commercial aerospace, public welfare research and other major application service scenarios.



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