Bitcoin Futures Plummet Nearly 10%, Lingering the $3600 Level

[ChainDD report] January 11 (ChainDD) On January 10 EST time, the most active Bitcoin futures contracts of two major U.S. futures exchanges plummeted about $400 in one day, representing almost 10% decline, with a risk of falling below $3600. In the first week of 2019, the futures ended the successive two week’s rally.

February-delivered Bitcoin futures BTC at CME Group, the largest futures exchange in the world, closed at $3605, falling about 9.65% in one day, and declined about 3.2% over the latest week.

February-delivered Bitcoin futures XBT at Cboe, the largest option exchange in U.S., slided more than 9.86% to $3610 as the closing price, and fell more than 2.4% in the latest week.

According to ChainDD’s market tracking indicators, Bitcoin spot price collapsed after January 10 11:00 am EST time. Bitcoin to USDT on Binance dropped to $3540 at 11:14 am, slumping more than $150 in about 15 minutes and more than 10% over the past 24 hours. A majority of other exchanges’ Bitcoin price also fell through $3600.


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