New York City Could Test Blockchain Tech after a Local Blockchain Center’s Opening

[ChainDD report] January 11 (ChainDD) The New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC), a non-profit organization engaged in promoting the local economic development, said its Manhattan-based blockchain center opened on January 10 EST time, covering an area of 4000 square feet (about 370 square meters). And the city could begin to test use of blockchain technology this fall.

With New York City’s initial one-time investment of $100,000, the blockchain center’s operators will seek for funds through membership dues and partnership with corporations including two existing partners--Microsoft and IBM, said Jalak Jobanputra, managing partner of a venture fund Future\Perfect Ventures, one of cofounders of the center.

EDC’s chief strategy officier Ana Arino said the organization played a long game, and since blockchain is a new technology, its evolvement has great uncertainties. EDC hopes to ensure have a seat in the technology’s growth despite its unknown future.


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