Hedge Fund Founder: Bitcoin is Becoming Good Hedge Against Irresponsible Central Bank

[ChainDD report] February 11 (ChainDD) Travis Kling, founder and chief investment officer of the hedge fund Ikigai, commented on Bitcoin at a summit held in Grand Cayman: ” There is a really good chance we have something better than gold. It’s like a CDS against fiscal and monetary policy irresponsibility.”

Kling noted that as a hedge, Bitcoin and other forms of alternative investment could be adopted in large scale used when the economy suffers hyperinflation.

What made Kling currently concerned is the increase of U.S. debts (already about $22 trillion) and the aggressive measures implemented by the US Federal Reserves and other central banks to stimulate economic growth. Some analysts believe that the consistent low interest rates and increasing budget deficit may lead to hyperinflation, which will essentially weaken fiat currencies including US dollar.


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