BCH’s Empty Blocks Issue during Update Said to be Caused by a Code Bug

[ChainDD report] May 16 (ChainDD) Users of Reddit revealed that a code bug of a software developed by Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ABC team affected the recent BCH update, because it caused BCH mempool followed acceptance rules prior to update, rather than new rules.

Later developers released new code to fix the bug. Vin Armani, the chief technology officer of CoinText, a BCH application, confirmed to CoinDesk that BCH produced empty blocks for about one and half hour. At present, the abovementioned mempool is cleared and transactions are goint to blocks normally, everything returns normal.

However, it’s unclear how many nodes running BCH ABC have updated to fix the bug. Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex announced to halt deposit and withdrawal of BCH ABC owing to the issue with BCH hard fork.


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