Jiang Zhuoer: BCH Addresses a Long-Deliberate Attack During Update

[ChainDD report] May 16 (ChainDD) Through his Sina Weibo account, Jiang Zhuoer, founder and CEO of bitcoin mining pool BTC.TOP, announced at evening of May 15 BJT that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) experienced an long-premediated attack and successfully addressed it. The attacker took advantage of a bug carried in a code updated in November, 2018, and launched the attack during BCH’s update on May 15, attempting to mislead the public that BCH network update failed.

Jiang said the attacker leveraged the bug to make mining pool unable to package transactions and produce blocks. When BCH network suffered such attack, three mining pools--BTC.TOP, BTC.COM and ViaBTC mined ten empty blocks in emergency and made use of reorganization protections of BCH to ensure the update not being reversed. In the meantime, developers took emergency action to develop software to fix bug. One hour later, the mining pool completed update to address the bug. BCH returned normal block generation.


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