[ChainDD Consensus Night] ZB Group Vice President: Crypto Industry will become Stronger and More Mature as Crypto Winter Thaws

[ChainDD report] May 15 (ChainDD) In her speech made during ChainDD 2019 Consensus Night, Aurora Wong, Vice President of ZB Group, the parent of a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange ZB.com, predicted as the so called crypto winter thaws, a stronger and more mature industry is revealed. “The best work, the best opportunities, are present in the bear market,” Wong added.

In Wong’s opinion, the industry maturation is reflected by traditional institutions like JP Morgan getting directly involved in the space and social media giants like Facebook actively seeking blockchain solutions to address their own challenges.

As to a Congressman Sherman’s recent proposal for a bill to ban cryptocurrency transaction in US, Wong showed no concern. She said his proposal would have been a much bigger threat ten or even five years ago, but nowadays, the “momentum of the crypto space has snowballed beyond anything any congressman can dictate away.”

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