[ChainDD Consensus Night] Blockforce Capital CIO: Digital Assets Lower Entry of Fundraising but Unclear Regulation is a Setback

[ChainDD report] May 16 (ChainDD) At the Panel “How Blockchain Impacts the Investment Landscape” held during ChainDD 2019 Consensus Night on May 15, David Martin, CIO Blockforce Capital, discussed with the host Jesse Johnson, ZB Group Director of Business Development on many topics such as how to define digital assets and how blockchain impacts investments.

Martin said that digital assets are similar with stocks to a great extent but better in some aspects. The difference that digitalized assets brings to us is when you digitalize something, the very entry to do that is substantially less than it would have been to list an IPO on a stock exchange. Such advantage will undoubtedly expand participants involved in digital assets. But digital assets has an obvious drawback: the somewhat unclear regulation.

Martin expects the public may not be interested in offering of digital assets like securities, but tokenization lowers the entry for companies to raise capital and gives opportunity and empowers people to participate in. People of his generation focus on equities, while millennials want to investin things they believe in, which are technology companies and the policies they use. They wish to gain such experience. As to how to reach customers with digital assets, Martin said this is something we will be able to work through the next year or two. As long as people still follow the traditional procedures, there is no problem to realize it.

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