[ChainDD Consensus Night]Coineal Labs Founder: Securities Digitalization has Two Preconditions

[ChainDD report] May 16 (ChainDD) At the Panel “How Blockchain Impacts the Investment Landscape” held during ChainDD 2019 Consensus Night on May 15, Wonder Xu, Founder of Coineal Labs, discussed with the host Jesse Johnson, ZB Group Director of Business Development on many topics such as the status quo and future trend of tokenization.

Xu said the digital currency is used in an ecosystem of a blockchain project, while digital asset is a concept that has larger scope including data, Bitcoin. But when comes to digital assets, we need to pay attention to regulation of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The basic point is to determine nature of digital assets securitization. He noted to digitalize securities first need ability to have stable revenue in the future, what’s more, it also involves compliance, namely to meet requirements of regulators.

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