Huobi Upgrades Prime Lite to an Independent Brand FastTrack and Allows HT Tokens Destroyed Weekly

[ChainDD report] May 23 (ChainDD) Huobi Global announced on May 22 it upgraded its Prime Lite product offering to an independent brand FastTrack and changed listing way to voting. It will announce five Fast Track project candidates each month and users can vote via their HT tokens on these projects weekly to determine which projects to be listed. Order of listing also depends on voting results.

The Project that intends to list on Huobi has to distribute tokens with a minimum value of 500,000 USDT at a 50% discount to voters. And all the HT tokens exchanged in Price Limit Rounds will be destroyed on the first day the project lists on Huobi.

ChainDD noted Huobi Prime lite is a streamlined version of Huobi Prime, its innovative premium coin launch platform. The upgrade and rebrand starts a new mode for HT: weekly voting and weekly token burn.


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