Logistics Giant Panalpina Launches Blockchain Pilots to Improve Supply Chain

[ChainDD report] June 13 (ChainDD) Swiss logistics giant Panalpina announced on June 11 it has started three blockchain pilots after it joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA).

Two pilot projects focus on ocean freight electronic bill of lading (eB/L), one dealing with high-tech industrial goods and the other dealing with office supplies. All of them aim to digitize trade documents such B/L, store these documents in a cloud, and use blockchain to realize process improvements and cost savings in the long run. In these pilots, blockchain is used to document the flow of imported goods from Asia to Europe, running in parallel to real shipments, but not interfering with current processes. By this way, current standards and processes and what they could be in the near future can be made in-depth comparison.

Panalpina’s third pilot project is running with an IT multinational company, aimed at optimizing air freight shipments from North to South America.

In the next phase, Panalpina plans to experiment on use cases on three areas—pharmaceuticals, spare parts and ocean freight core processes, to exploit blockchain’s potential there in the long run.


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