Tradition Changes: Buffett will Lunch with Tron CEO in San Francisco on July 25

[ChainDD report] June 13 (ChainDD) Tron announced on June 12 EST that legendary investor Warren Buffett will have the 20 annual eBay Power of One lunch with Tron CEO Justin Sun on July 25 EST in San Francisco.

Sun said the decision to move the charity lunch in the Bay Area is to highlight GLIDE Foundation’s charitable efforts. He further explained: “I’ve also said we we want to bridge the gap between the world of blockchain and institutional investors. Nowhere is that goal more apt than in the heartland of tech.”

Tron said the annual charity launch with Buffett is traditionally held at Smith & Wollensky in New York. The host steakhouse has donated $100,000 to GLIDE’s fun-raising efforts in the past. In order to make up the donation, Sun will donate another $100,000 to GLIDE. The specific time and place of the lunch will be announced later and Sun can invite seven guests to have lunch together.

According to ChainDD’s previous news, Sun announced on June 4 that he was the winning bidder who placed the record-breaking bid of $4,567,888 to have a charity lunch with legendary investor Warren Buffett. Sun also said he wants to invite blockchain industry leaders to meet Buffett, thus facilitating top traditional investors’ understanding and friendship and bring real benefits to the whole industry. This Monday, Sun said to convince Buffett to buy cryptocurrency in just three hours may be impossible, but he wishes to show the latest developments of cryptocurrency and blockchain to Buffett.


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