Bitcoin Futures First Fall Below $12,000 This Week

【链得得播报】July 12 (ChainDD) On July 11 EST, the most active Bitcoin futures contracts of CME Group, the largest futures trading exchange in the world, ended the day in a second losing streak, and first closed below $12,000 in four days, after hitting the highest close in nearly two weeks on July 9. All the active Bitcoin futures contracts fell about $500 off the $12,000 level since the beginning of this week. As of July 5, the most active contract crashed over $1300, namely about 10% decline in the week, after the 49% weekly surge in the previous week as the second consecutive weekly gain. In the whole month of June, it rose 47.5%.

On July 11, July-delivered Bitcoin futures BTC at CME tumbled 4.4% to $11,730, after falling 10.4% last week. August, September and December-delivered Bitcoin futures BTC respectively lapsed the $11,800, $11,900 and $12,000 levels the same day, with the daily decline of $590,$615 and $610.

According to ChainDD’s market tracking indicators, Bitcoin spot price on Binance traded above $11,300 level, declining more than 1% over the past 24 hours.



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