Tencent Micro-enterprise Blockchain Successfully Completed the First Blockchian Supply Chain Financial Business with Standard Chartered Bank

[ChainDD report] August 8 (ChainDD) Securities Daily obtained news from Tencent Financial Technology that the first blockchain supply chain financial business of Tencent micro-enterprise Blockchain successfully completed the first blockchain supply chain financial business with Standard Chartered Bank. It is understood that this is the first time Tencent has cooperated with foreign banks in the field of blockchain to explore supply chain financial services. The micro-enterprise blockchain is the first domestic “supply chain finance + blockchain + ABS platform” jointly developed by Tencent Financial Technology and Linklogis.

KangNing Li, the senior director of Tencent Financial Products Research Center, said that the use of financial technology can greatly optimize the traditional supply chain financial model, directly revitalize financial institutions to grant credit to core enterprises, and solve financing difficulties and financing high cost problems under the condition of constant risk by using some key technologies such as small programs, AI identification, payment, and blockchain.


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