BOINC Will Access the One-Stop Encryption Aggregation Trading Platform ChainDDX

[ChainDD report] August 18 (ChainDD) Recently, the “BOINC Hashpower Planet” project further publicized the strategic cooperation with multi-party commercial organizations. In China's R&D and application fields, BOINC has conducted more research and cooperation with well-known research institutes such as Tsinghua University and Peking University to cultivate high-quality scientific research projects.

At the product level, BOINC Commercial announced that it will work with ChainDD, a global blockchain information, trading and financial data platform. ChainDDX, the one-stop digital asset management tool of ChainDD, became the first encrypted wallet platform to directly support BOINC pass points transfer and storage.

ChainDDX, the ChainDD's product, will support the "BOINC Hashpower Planet" project. Within the ChainDDX service system, the following functions will be supported: one-click access to the BOINC account, login to the ChainDD with the BOINC account, and review of the points for each volunteer service project; support for the transfer of BOINC pass points; support for the fastest and authoritative release of news related to BOINC community; support for BOINC pass points for airdrop exchange and trading.


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