2019 CHAINSIGHTS | Hejuan Zhao: I Hope That Such Exchange Activities Will Continue Every Year In the U.S. and China

[ChainDD report] October 10 (ChianDD) According to the live report from New York, at the 2019 CHAINSIGHTS Fintech and Blockchain Summit hosted by ChainDD, the founder and CEO of TMTPost Group and ChainDD Inc. Hejuan Zhao gives an opening speech in the beginning of the summit.

Zhao said in her speech, "We are from China, but we are also rooted in the United States. While we’re building our company here in the past two, we have met many American friends and have received a lot of help."

She further pointed out that "We also warmly welcome you to come here for the meeting and welcome you to go to China to see more Chinese people who are friendly and hard-working. Most of them are willing to communicate with American friends on an equal dialogue and explore more collaboration. I also sincerely hope that such exchange activities will continue every year in the United States and China, and that they will be getting better and better."


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